Easy, yet powerfull Live Control

The perfect companion for any electronic musician.


LK - Live Controller is a powerful tool designed to aid musicians during their creative process and/or live performances. LK is an hybrid controller composed of different modules to fill some of the most basic needs of a an electronic musician: instrument playing, daw remote controlling, parameter tweaking and modulation. Its tight integration with Ableton Live makes it one of the most comprehensive and complete, yet simple to use, remote controllers on the market for this industry standard DAW.

Get to know in detail all the features and available modules.


  • Computer running Windows (7 / 8) or Mac OSX (10.6 Snow Leopard or later) for LKBRIDGE execution.

  • Ableton Live 8.26 (9 or higher is recommended)

Note: Altough a internet connection is necessary for complete setup, LIVKONTROL usage solely depends on a local network. Click here to learn how to configure it.

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