LIVKONTROL is an Ableton Controller for iOS and Android devices.

Boasting an extremely simple yet functional design, all the main control features are at a distance of a touch. Alternative application views are toggled via multitouch gestures for a even simpler usage experience.

LIVKONTROL comes packed in three flavours: FREE, STANDARD and PRO, allowing you to expand functionality according to your needs and level of experience.

Learn about the different versions thru the comparison chart.

How does it work?

LIVKONTROL setup is extremely simple. In the same way your computer finds your printer on the local network, LIVKONTROL finds an Ableton Live connection on your network.

For this to possible, you need to a run a utility called LKBRIDGE on your computer. It will take care of installing the aditional files onto your Ableton Live installation as well as anouncing a service on your local network which LIVKONTROL will search for and connect to.

Read our setup guide for detailed information.

How LIVKONTROL Ableton Controller communicates with Ableton Live


  • Computer running Windows (XP / Vista / 7 / 8) or Mac OSX (10.4 Tiger or later)

  • Ableton Live (8.26 or higher is recommended)

Note: Altough a internet connection is necessary for complete setup, LIVKONTROL usage solely depends on a local network. Click here to learn how to configure it.

Ableton Controller LIVKONTROL PRO on App Store

Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Ableton Controller LIVKONTROL PRO on Google Play

Available for Android phones and tablets.