Ableton Live on your mobile

LIVKONTROL is an Ableton Live remote controller for iOS and Android devices.

Boasting an extremely simple yet functional design, all the main control features are at a distance of a touch. Alternative application views are toggled via multitouch gestures for a even simpler usage experience.

LIVKONTROL comes packed in three flavours: FREE, STANDARD and PRO, allowing you to expand functionality according to your needs and level of experience.

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How does it work?

LIVKONTROL setup is extremely simple.

Start an utility called LKBRIDGE on your computer and use it to install the necessary files onto your Ableton Live installation.

Afterwards, ensure that your mobile device is connected to the same wifi network as the computer running Ableton Live.

LKBRIDGE will anounce a service on your network and LIVKONTROL will find it out.

Read our setup guide for detailed information.


  • Computer running Windows (XP / Vista / 7 / 8) or Mac OSX (10.4 Tiger or later)

  • Ableton Live (8.26 or higher is recommended)

  • Wifi local network. No internet connection is needed after complete setup.


CLIP LAUNCHER is probably one of the most basic and essential features of LIVKONTROL.

LIVKONTROL allows you quick access to all your scene view without setting a specific zone.

Auto scroll ensures that your scene view is always coherent with the selected scene and row of your Ableton Live set.

TRACK DETAIL is probably the most unique and useful feature of LIVKONTROL. It allows instant access to every track device parameter without manually map them.

TRACK DETAIL is a PRO feature and it is built in on LIVKONTROL PRO. On all the other versions of the application, it is available as a in-app purchase.

CLIP COMPOSER enables you to interact with your MIDI clips by simply using the touch of your fingers. Thru an incredibly intuitive user interface, we provide you the ability to create, edit and delete notes. All this is possible using a comprehensive set gestures.

CLIP COMPOSER is a PRO feature and it is built in on LIVKONTROL PRO. On all the other versions of the application, it is available as a in-app purchase.

MIDI PADS are an essential tool for composing or for live performance independently of playing skills.

Pads are ultra responsive and no latency is experienced due to the highly optimized proprietary communication protocol.

MIDI SLIDERS are always usefull because of their versatility and ease to use.

Have you ever used a hardware MIDI controller slider or knob on Ableton Live? Well, MIDI Sliders are used in the exactly same way.

PLUG & PLAY means that your don't need to pull your heads of for making it work. Just follow our setup guide and have it up and running in a matter of minutes.

Any questions? We have an awesome customer support. Just fill the contact form and let us know all your questions

  • My Nexus 7 is now a permanent part of my audio setup. Don't bother with the FREE version. Go PRO it's worth it.

    Matt McNair
  • Time to sell Launchpad? Impressed with how fast Live reacts to the commands. Good stuff!

    Van Garling
  • This app is one of best for music production. Thanks to developers.

    Paul Skokov
  • This app is superb and had me jamming away on Ableton from my phone in minutes!

    Ben Neal

Choose the version that better fits your needs


Basic features with limitations.

Includes: standard features, scroll limited clip launcher.

In-app purchases: full kontrol, clip launcher, midi pads, midi sliders

Price: FREE


The essential at a low cost.

Includes: standard features, clip launcher, midi pads and midi sliders.

In-app purchases: none

Price: 9.99$


The professional version, all the features included.

Includes: standard features, clip launcher, midi pads, midi sliders, track detail and clip composer

In-app purchases: none

Price: 29.99$

Try it now without any cost!

Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Available for Android phones and tablets.